Monday, February 18, 2013

Love is just a chemical creation.

Cardigan--- Abercrombie Kids
Shirt--- Vintage
Leggings--- Forever 21
Shoes--- Vans
Necklace--- Claire's

Happy Presidents' Day! I'm so happy I have school off today. It gives me more time to post on this blog. =) I'm babysitting my nephew right now. He's such a cutie! Anyways, on to the outfit. My shoes were so bright, my camera went a bit crazy, lol. I finally have  my first pair of tribal leggings, thanks to my friend Jade (Hi, if you're reading!). The print is pretty busy, so I just kept the rest of my outfit solid-colored and simple, with the addition of neon accents. You can't get any more comfy and warm with cable knit and cotton spandex.

Thanks for reading!
-Angela ^~^