Sunday, January 27, 2013

Look how the stars shine for you.

Sweater--- TJ Maxx
Scarf--- Italy 
Khakis--- H&M
Moccasins--- JourneysKidz

Want to know what I love about winter? Sweaters! Especially over-sized ones. This outfit is extremely comfortable, if you couldn't tell already. I really like the color-blocked scheme of this sweater and the loose fit. The scarf I'm wearing is easily becoming one of my favorites in my scarf collection (Should I make a post about it?). My mom got it for me from her trip to Italy, and it's super unique and puffy! The pom-poms are just so cute. I need to get more wear out of my moccasins before winter ends. I've noticed that a lot of stores have the exact same moccasins now, but I actually got these last year from the actual brand that originally made them, Minnetonka.

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-Angela ^~^

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chinter's Will.

Trench coat--- Forever 21 (gift)
Scarf--- (Gift)
Jeans--- Old Navy
Knee-high boots--- Love D

I haven't been posting as frequently as I have been wanting to, and I really apologize. The first two weeks of school have been a bit stressful. Here's a quick outfit I wore one day to school. Usually, the outfits I post are things I wear on the weekend, because my school has a uniform, but it's not that strict (It's usually a polo shirt, school shirt & navy/black/khaki pants or jeans), so I can experiment with it! I will have more elaborate posts coming soon! This is an example of what I would wear when it gets chilly, which is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. I know, the temperature isn't as cold as other places, but I guess we're a bit spoiled here in Southern California. x)

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-Angela ^~^

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Make it mean everything.

Mustard shirt--- Fashion Q
Plaid wool skirt--- Old Navy
Hoodie--- Hollister
White tights & over-the-knee socks--- Target
Necklace--- Claire's
Boots--- Love D

Cheers to a new year! I already know 2013 will be great. Welcome to my first post of the new year! It's been getting chillier, but it won't stop me from wearing skirts. This plaid skirt is actually wool, which makes it perfect for the winter. All of the other things I'm wearing are to go with the colors of the skirt. I usually don't wear hoodies because I think they're too casual, but I was visiting a friend that day, and I didn't want to be overdressed. x) To keep my legs warm, I wore some navy over-the-knee socks over opaque white tights, and I topped it off with gray booties.This outfit looks a bit school girl-ish, huh? 

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-Angela ^~^