Sunday, August 18, 2013

A belle to remember.

Orange camisole--- Target
Camo vest--- Urban Outfitters
Denim shorts--- Macy's
Lace top--- c/o Aeropostale

Hey, everyone! I have to apologize for my inconsistent posts. School started for me last Monday, and it's been hectic. On that note, happy back-to-school season! Yeah, I'm not that excited either, but at least I don't have to wear uniforms anymore, now that I am in high school.  This sheer, lace top is so gorgeous, c/o Aeropostale. To make sure the lace stood out, I layered some color underneath it with this orange cami and some denim shorts. Since the top is pretty feminine, I layered my favorite camo vest over it to make the outfit more tough, and finished off the outfit with some sandals.

Thanks for reading!
-Angela ^~^

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Starve the ego, feed the soul.

Top--- Urban Outfitters
Shorts--- Wet Seal
Earrings--- H&M
Shoes--- TOMS

Wow, I can't believe school is in two weeks! Summer went by so fast. Anyways, on to the outfit. Have I mentioned that camo is one of my favorite prints? I really like how distressed this top looks, and it goes perfect with my light pink, tiered shorts. I went pretty matchy-matchy with my red TOMS and my accessories.

Thanks for reading!
-Angela ^~^