Thursday, December 20, 2012


Peter Pan collared blouse--- Love Culture
Flower sweater--- Forever 21
Shorts--- Macy's
Black tights--- Target
Beanie--- H&M
Necklace--- Old Navy
Booties--- JourneysKidz

Hello, everyone! Today, I'm wearing this lovely sweater from Forever 21. I really love how that flowers look like they're painted; it's really pretty. I'm wearing a Peter Pan collared blouse under it, so I can let the collar peek out from under. It also kinda looks like an attachment to the sweater. It's too cold to wear shorts alone at this time of year, so I slipped on some simple black tights under them to keep me warm. I guess I'm going for a more grungy look with the beanie and the necklace. Lastly, to keep my the bottom of my outfit more streamlined, I wore some black booties.

Thanks for reading!
-Angela ^~^ 

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