Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Dress--- Macy's
Bomber jacket--- Fashion Q
Tribal leggings--- Walgreens
Nail polish--- "Rock Star" by Del Sol

Happy late Christmas! I hope everyone got awesome presents. I'm sharing with you my Christmas outfit today! I bought this dress years ago, but it still fits, surprisingly! The bow detail in the front is adorable, and the little circle cut-out in the back is subtle and sweet. Of course, I can't go out in the cold with bare legs, so I ventured for these leggings I got at Walgreens. Yes, a you read right. Pretty awesome leggings for something you find at a drug store, right? Plus, they were $8! I wanted to toughen up the look, so I went with this pleather bomber jacket. For accessories, I went with a furry headband and a feather necklace. I went with classic red TOMS to go with the dress.

Thanks for reading!
-Angela ^~^


  1. Hello, just wanna say you've got a great style! :D

  2. Love it!
    Greets from Holland
    X Kim