Saturday, December 15, 2012


Shirt--- Mom's closet
Jeans--- Old Navy
Fringe necklace--- Target
Lace-up boots--- Love D

It has been two weeks, I know. All of my finals are over though, and winter break just started, so I'll be able to post frequently now that I have more time! Yay!
I usually don't wear black a lot because I think it's a somewhat sad color, but today was an exception. I thought the print on this blouse was really cool, and the contrast between the black and white was really pretty. Whenever I wear a dark colored shirt, I like to wear light-colored pants to balance the outfit. I buttoned up all of the buttons on my shirt so I could wear this beautiful necklace (collars and short necklaces are a match made in heaven). It was a good chance to wear my black lace-up boots, so I whipped those out, and that's pretty much my outfit!

Thanks for reading!

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