Saturday, March 16, 2013

We drink the fatal drop.

Swan shirt--- H&M
Cardigan--- H&M
Plaid shorts--- Macy's
Tights--- Macy's
Belt--- Target
Shoes--- JourneysKidz (Vans)

Spring is finally here and it's warming up! If you didn't know, spring is my absolute favorite season. Do you notice anything different about me? Yup, I got a haircut. I'm kind of upset though, because like pretty much all hairdressers, they cut way more than I had asked them. In the end, hair does grow back, and that's all you can tell yourself. :P This outfit does look more fall-ish because of the colors, but I usually don't follow the seasons or trends anyways. I love plaid; both on tops and bottoms. I finally had the chance to wear my plaid shorts! My favorite parts of this outfit are the button details on the back of the shirt and of course, the tights. The line that goes along the back of the leg elongates the legs, and I think the bow is such a cute detail. And as for the shoes, if you know me in real life, you know that I'm a Hello Kitty fanatic, and I have at least one Hello Kitty anything.

Thanks for reading!
-Angela ^~^


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